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Surface Preparation

Floor grinder for surface preparation and grinding of adhesive residue, paint and spackle on medium-sized concrete areas. We recommend it is used with the DC1400 vacuum.

The most effective way to level and finish concrete. The twin 5.2m beams are powered by a 5hp petrol engine and will level concrete in a single pass.

Single user operation. Ideal for industrial and domestic concrete laying. The first pass cuts the poured concrete leaving it flat. Reverse the 3.3m aluminium blade and the second pass will give a smooth finish.

The rotary action of the power float finishes the newly laid concrete to give a smooth, dust free, hard finish. Finishing pan also available

For hand floating a large concrete slab. Clip together sections adjust from 1.8 to 5.0m allowing the user to work on the slab from the sides.

Petrol driven surface preparation machine. Choice of two tungsten carbide heads to either clean/texture concrete surfaces or create groves. Can be used with dust extraction vacuum.

Surface preparation and coating removal for concrete and masonry. These scabblers remove dirt and old finishes quickly. Available in single or triple tungston carbide head.


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