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Sanding Equipment

Fine finishing sander for larger areas. Ideal for table tops, doors, panelling and large skirting. Medium to light duty.

A powerful sander that is suitable for all heavy duty operations, ideal for table tops and other large flat areas. Heavy to medium duty.

For light sanding applications in awkward places. Ideal for small pieces of furniture, small doors and skirting. Can be used with one hand. Light duty.

The upright professional floor sander renovates old floorboards and parquet floors. The 200mm wide drum removes paint, varnish, stains and imperfections with ease leaving a smooth surface ready for finishing. Built in dust bag collects around 70% of the dust. Recommend for use with edge sander.

This machine will sand all types of wooden floor upto the skirting boards. Self-contained extraction keeps dust to a minimum.

Rotary sander ideal for the rapid removal of unwanted material on wood, metal or masonry. Can be fitted with a lambs wool bonnet or compounding sponge making it ideal for polishing cars or boats. Heavy to medium duty.


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